Experience the SDGs and make them your own.

To create a movement to achieve the SDGs in the world. Through this board game, many people will be able to make the SDGs their own personal goal, and projects to achieve the SDGs will occur in various regions. The aim of the game is to "achieve the SDGs" and "personal growth" while enjoying learning about examples of solutions to issues around the world. Adults and children alike can develop not only an understanding of the SDGs, but also the importance of cooperation, the ability to think broadly and deeply, and a sense of the field and its challenges.

Sustinable World BOARDGAME 3 Features

1. learn realistic trade-offs

Each player aims to achieve the two goals of "achieving the SDGs" and "personal growth" within the limited timeframe of the annual budget and the SDGs achievement deadline of 2030. These goals are designed based on the idea that economic development is necessary to realize a sustainable society.

2. reflecting actual problem-solving cases

The "mission cards" required to achieve each SDG goal in the board game are based on actual examples of problem solving in the environmental, social, and economic fields. In addition, the game reflects the process required to solve issues as realistically as possible, linking economic activities, such as cost allocation and trade-offs among SDGs.

3. producing board games for each region

Sustainable World BOARDGAME produces board games for each region in order to make solving social issues more accessible. In addition to the board on which the game is played and the "mission cards" containing examples of problem solving, the board game materials themselves reflect the characteristics of each region. The board game is being produced mainly in prefectures, but also in some cities, wards, towns, and villages. We encourage you to experience and see board games not only in your area but also in various other regions.

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